SEO: Don’t Believe the Hype


Every day consultants receive email messages, and sometimes telephone calls, from companies promising to put them on the front page of Google. Now, if you can’t get on the first page of search results for your name or business name, either you need to change your name or rebuild your website from the bottom up. […]

Why Dragon Naturally Speaking


Michael North explained how using Dragon Naturally Speaking has saved him 12 hours a week and freed up his thinking–all as if dictating the conversation. The presentation was both hilarious and convincing, even for those who have trouble thinking when not typing. Note that Dragon Naturally Speaking requires a fast computer and works better for […]

7 Apps to Increase Your Productivity

7 apps that will make you more productive immediately

Waze (free for iOS and Android) QuickVoice (iOS only, $15) BestParking (web and mobile, free) Skype (free Skype-to-Skype; 2.1 cents/minute to land or cell) SuperTinTin ($29.95) Dropbox (free up to 2 GB) Evernote (free; premium is $45/year) Square (free device; transaction fees comparable to PayPal) (That looks like 8 apps, but it’s really 7.5, because SuperTinTin won’t do you […]

The 5-15 Report

The 5-15 Report (with clock)

Judy Baker explains the 5-15 report popularized by Patagonia: it takes 15 minutes to write and 5 minutes to read, and it lets you know what got done, what worked, and one action that each team member can take to improve the project.


How I met Prezi

Terry Gault explained Prezi, the web-based presentation application that gets you out of the PowerPoint mindset by using a single canvas rather than a series of slides. Warning: it might make you a little dizzy.

Mind Maps

graphic facilitation mind map

Volker Frank explained the practice of creating a mind map and reviewed some of the tools for doing so, including Mind Meister, FreeMind, MindView, MindJet MindManager, and The Brain.

Apps for Consultants

Apps for Consultants

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LinkedIn Company Pages


LinkedIn recently revamped its company pages, adding features like updates and improved product and service descriptions that mean these pages are now just as useful for consultants as they are for large companies. LinkedIn also provides some very helpful information on how to set one up, segment your market, and add product and service descriptions, […] home page screenshot is a free online service (owned by AOL, of all people) that lets you easily create an attractive “landing page” for yourself with links to your website and social media profiles. The links demonstrate the importance of having a custom favicon–guess Judy had better make us one for BACN! More importantly, the recommended background […]

Scrivener: Revolutionary Writing Tool for Authors

Scrivener corkboard

Authors rave about Scrivener, the versatile and affordable more-than-word-processing tool from Literature and Latte. Features include a corkboard for arranging virtual index cards, a colorful outliner, both text and WYSIWIG editors, full-screen mode, snapshots and backups, templates for fiction, non-fiction, screenplays, and easy output to e-book formats. The only Microsoft Word feature it doesn’t have […]